Hi Figmates! 👋

Mark Schafer here. I’m an experienced product designer and leader, interested in building tools and solving complex problems. My online presence is intentionally small (not to mention out of date), so I put together this little page so you can get to know me and my work a bit. I look forward to talking soon!


PS – My not-so-secret ulterior motive in applying for this role is to convince you that you should build Figma for print. 🤫

Why Figma

Three main reasons:

  • I think highly of both the product and the product culture. Despite initially being a skeptic, Figma has been the most revolutionary tool I’ve used professionally, and I’m excited by how much potential there is to push it further. I’ve also been impressed with Figma’s releases (auto layout, variants) and what I’ve read about the product culture.
  • Working on the editor is a great fit for my skills. I recently had a stint at a media startup that was acquired by Twitter, after working for 6 years on industry-leading data analysis tools. It made me realize that I want to return to designing tools and reminded me that my biggest strength as a designer is diving deep on complex problems.
  • It’s an opportunity for me to give back. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a designer in many different mediums and contexts. As I’m not a person who shares much on social media, working on a design tool is a very tangible way for me to contribute back to the discipline itself.


  • Design is what ships.
  • Design is how it works.
  • Design is inherently collaborative.
  • Great design is about getting it just right.
  • Less, but better.

PPS – Check out some of the fun ways I've used Figma! 👀