Mark Schafer

Product Designer

Portrait of Mark Schafer

Hello MOOsters, I’m Mark. 👋

When I read about your need for a product designer to spearhead a new platform, it made me very excited. It brings together the two things I want to combine in my next role: 1) working on digital tools and 2) my love of print design. Below is a bit more about why I think I would be a great fit. I hope you agree.

Why I’m excited about MOO

  • Tech, print, design

    MOO is a tech company, and a print company, and a design company. Not only is this rare (trust me, I’ve looked), it’s three things I care about deeply. Bonus: it’s awesome that MOO prints in-house.

  • Values

    MOO’s values are my values. Standouts to me: “every detail counts” (I believe great design is the details), “always deliver delight” (I love using customers’ experience to measure success), “make it simpler” (“The designer's noblest aspiration is to present complexity in simple ways.” – Per Mollerup).

  • Impact

    Leadership is influence, not a level on an org chart. Central to my interest in this role is the opportunity to have a real impact on the business, both by steering a new product and positively influencing the practice of design at MOO.

Why I’m a great fit

  • UX

    I’m experienced leading UI/UX design and solving complex problems. I’ve led design for a complex data analysis app, an issue tracking app for business users, and a consumer news reading app. I believe the best way to create something new is to “build your way forward” by creating prototypes to test ideas and continually iterating.

  • Process

    Facilitating the design process with multiple stakeholders is one of my strengths. Some of the work I’m most proud of is running workshops to gather and synthesize input from a diverse set of stakeholders. Bringing people in early brings them along. Gathering diverse viewpoints (including from users!) helps form the best, opinionated product strategy.

  • Learn

    I’m hungry to learn! I’m not happy in my work if I’m not learning and gaining new levels of mastery. I love that this is called out in the job description and am eager to find opportunities to grow.

My experience

Recent work


Design is what ships.

Design is how it works.

Design is inherently collaborative.

Done is better than perfect.

Less, but better.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I hope to hear from you soon!


PS – Very glad the business is no longer called Pleasure Cards. 🙈