In the Bathroom Together

Josh Nissenboim, co-founder of Fuzzco:

This might get weird for a minute: some couples don’t go to the bathroom together. [Helen laughs] And that blows my mind! How have you never gone to the bathroom with that other person in the room? What I’m saying is, I believe you need to have an incredibly open and comfortable relationship if you’re going to go into business together.

Fuzzco’s other co-founder, Helen Rice:

Exactly. You have to be vulnerable and feel like the other person is truly your partner. You need to be aware of avoiding power struggles and making sure each person has their own, defined role. That’s the best way to work together.


And when you’re in the bathroom together, you can get some shit done.

Having long admired Fuzzco’s work, it was a delight to read this husband-and-wife team’s TGD interview.