🤗 Figma Fun 🤗

I’m a big fan of Figma. In addition to transforming my design workflows, I’ve also enjoyed hacking it for other uses…

🎁 Virtual white elephant gift exchange. When our team wasn’t able to gather in person due to the pandemic, I created a cozy fireside space where we could virtualy hang out and exchange gifts.

Figma white elephant gift exchange

I had each person create a gift component from a template that could be unwrapped with a click of a button!

Figma white elephant gift unwrap

🏡 Interior design projects. I’ve used Figma to plan cabinet organizers, lay out cuts for custom wood shelves, and create custom rug designs.

Figma interior design projects

🧶 Knitting patterns. I have also used Figma to create custom designs for knitting Christmas balls (a recent hobby).

Figma knitting patterns

knit Christmas balls