Below are lo-fi whiteboard drawings and photos from design sprints I’ve helped facilitate. Project work can be shared in private upon request.

I joined Palantir’s design team as the first product designer in Palantir’s New York office. I have worked as both an individual contributor, a design lead (a role that mixes hands-on design work with people management), and a product design group lead (leading a team of 10 designers for Palantir Foundry). More specifically, my work has included…

  • Designing and prototyping interfaces for cutting-edge data analysis products
  • Conducting onsite user research across multiple customers and industries
  • Working closely with talented engineers to build and ship new features
  • Organizing and leading design sprints to shape the vision for multiple products
  • Collaborating with project managers and engineering leads to help lead a product
  • Working with the Head of Design and other design leads to influence and shape the direction of the design team
  • Managing designers and design leads across Palantir’s New York, Palo Alto, and London offices
  • Presenting at Hobbitcon, Palantir’s company conference
  • Contributing to a winning Hack Week team (I have a sweet medal to prove it!)